Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Yorkshire Main v South Kirkby Colliery - Doncaster Senior League Premier Division

Wednesday 12th May 2010
Doncaster Senior League Premier Division

Yorkshire Main (0) 0
South Kirkby Colliery (4) 5 (Williams 3, Studd, Wakefield)
Come off the A1 at the A630 and head away from Doncaster, towards Rotherham. Just past the Indian Restaurant on the left that used to be the Cecil pub (of no small repute) turn left at the lights down Edlington Road and Yorkshire Main's ground is on the left immediately after the fire station. For Edlington Town continue a bit further along Edlington Road, throw a right at Fulton Foods down Bungalow Road and at the end of that in the estate beyond Netto and the WMC, turn right into Auburn Road for the Rec.
You know you want to!
Edlington apparently has enough footballers to sustain three clubs in the Doncaster Senior League, Edlington Rangers, Edlington Town and Yorkshire Main plus the latter also have a team competing in the Central Midlands League.
A veritable hot bed of football then.
But tonight was all about the visitors South Kirkby Colliery and one of their players in particular, Ryan Williams.
This is not the same diminuitive Ryan Williams who won England Under 18 honours while at Mansfield Town who went on to play for Hull City before eventually returning home to Field Mill via a couple of less notable clubs (ahem), but this one has signed for Bradford once this season finishes.
I'm assuming my DSL 'scouting' sidekick for tonight's game meant Park Avenue rather than City, but you never know who is watching these games , eh!?
Williams could've had a hat trick inside the first 22 minutes.
9 minutes, Williams runs onto a flick on into the box and keeps his nerve in a one on one with the keeper to fire home the opening goal.
20 minutes, Williams surged into the box, ignoring the attentions of the trailing defenders and a blatant shoulder charge inside the box, takes the ball neatly round the keeper, 2-0
22 minutes, South Kirkby playing to their main strengths, i.e. getting the ball in Ryan Williams path when he's facing the goal, release their number ten yet again, but this time he hits his effort straight at the keeper.
Williams was then quiet for a short spell, in fact it wasn't until 29 minutes before he completed his hat trick, getting his own back on the keeper for thwarting his previous effort by firing the ball home off the unfortunate Yorkshire Main shot stoppers body.
Obviously this was a very one sided game and the visitors were peppering efforts on the Main goal from all angles, two minutes before half time Studd fired home a sublime shot from close range and if this was a cricket match South Kirkby could've declared right then.
A Yorkshire Main player launched a tirade of verbals at the referee, it was hardly his fault that the Edlington Road side were on the end of a rout, but the referee just bellowed back at him "Stop your talking or you'll be walking" much to everyone's amusement, apart from the whinger, who was suffering from advanced puffer fish syndrome by this point. They're small sea creatures who would be crap in fight, so they inflate themselves when approached by predators to look bigger and scarier than they really are.
The second half continued in much the same vein and it was more by accident than design that Yorkshire Main restricted the visitors to just one more goal before the end of the game.
It came six minutes into the second half ... South Kirkby crossed the ball to towards Ryan Williams and the defence, finally cottoning on that he was a threat around the goal mouth who they really ought to be marking, surrounded him, blocking his path in all directions, so having taken half of the home team out of the equation he simply pretended to be going for goal but left the ball for the visitors number 2, a chap called Wakefield, who was running in behind him and he scored instead.
Yorkshire Main mustered a couple of late efforts, but for the most part their goal led a charmed life as the South Kirkby continued to turn the screw.
Of course with there being adequate cover on both sides of the pitch and a nice warm tea bar to take shelter in, the rain held off tonight for a change.
More Edlington orientated action tomorrow night, when Edlington Rangers travel to Hemsworth Alpha 'A' (not to be mistaken for Hemsworth Alpha 'B' who play a division below the DSL Premier) in the last but one fixture that'll ever be played at the Kirk Road Complex.
"Young man! There's no need to feel down"