Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ollerton Town v Sutton Town AFC - North Midlands Under 19's League Division Three

The Des Walker Stand
Apparently he has his very own seat

Thursday 4th March 2010
North Midlands Under 19's League Division Three
at Walesby Lane, Ollerton

Ollerton Town (4) 10
(Liam Triandafilou 3, Kyle Clarkson 3, Jobe Shaw 2, Lewis Binghan, Brad Wells)
Sutton Town AFC (0) 1 (Scant Consolation)

Admission £2, Free Team sheet,
Attendance 37 (or thereabouts)
Hmm, fairly pointless writing this one up, the scoreline tells its own story.
First half resume in brief.
If Ollerton's keeper hadn't been wearing a bright yellow shirt under the glare of the floodlights, he would probably have gone completely unnoticed for the first 45 minutes.
The ball very rarely got anywhere near his area.
The pick of Ollerton's first half goals was a cheeky back heel for the fourth.
Second half whistle stop tour.
Sutton tightened things up in defence when they came back out, but only for a very short spell.
Ollerton soon cruised into a six nil lead, but then the Snipes shocked everybody in the ground (themselves included probably) by pulling a goal back.
But that just seemed to spur Ollerton on even more.
With the score stood at 8-1, Sutton's keeper saved a penalty. And everyone
felt so sorry for him, they all overlooked the fact that he had strayed
four foot from his line before the kick was even taken to get to the ball

At 8-1, Sutton conceded a penalty.
Their goalkeeper protested loudly and had a proper sulk.
And who could blame him, another goal now could really swing the balance of play Ollerton's way and alter the outcome of this game ;-)
The spot kick was saved (see above pixelated image) and I'll tell you what ... if Ollerton hadn't helped themselves to another couple of goals before the final whistle, that stop could have been a real pivotal moment and the turning point of the game.
I think this was Ollerton's ninth goal.
Could possibly have only been their eighth though???
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