Sunday, 20 December 2015

Xmas Sabbatical 2015

That's me done with this here blogging malarkey until Boxing Day. I hope that the yuletide festivities are good for all of my family, friends and those of you who take the time to have a look at the contents of THE66POW from time to time.
If the handful of detractors who have tried (but failed miserably) to make a mess of 2015 for me, get hit by a bus during the season of goodwill to (nearly) all men and killed, I will be saddened, but only because I am not a bus driver.
Special thanks to those who covered my back over the last few months. I've had a battle and a half on my hands on several fronts, but I ALWAYS land on my feet, facing forward.
Loyalty is a two way street and at times like this, you find out who your real friends and allies are and also realise fairly quickly which people really aren't worth giving a fuck about as well.
Roll on Boxing Day and the rest of what has so far been a massively enjoyable football season.