Friday, 8 March 2013

Tonight - Retford United FC Fund Raiser - Friday 8th March 2013

No excuses, there's bugger all on TV tonight and it's always dead in town at this time of year, so get yourself down the the Cannon Park/Jones & Co Solicitors Stadium clubhouse, on the outskirts of the sprawling metropolis of Retford, AKA the capital city of Bassetlaw.
But, be warned, THE66POW's reigning RUFC pop quiz champions team Kings Park Rangers, have dismissed our weakest link contestant and we will be parading a new signing on the night. 
We fully intend to wi ... err, not finish last.
So who's up to the challenge?
C'mon! Grow yourself a pair and show us all what you've got!
You could possibly win up to £10, 000 in cash on the night*, plus the winner of each round will get a very desirable hamper. 
Trophies will be awarded to the overall winning team.
From personal experience, having won one of the hampers at a previous fund raising event, by virtue of being much smarter than any of the opposition (and far more modest too), I can vouch for the fact that they are well worth winning.
Venue details: Retford United FC, Leverton Road, DN22 6QF
     *possibly a very slightly exaggerated claim ;-)

Footnote: Total raised for Retford United FC from tonight's event was £262