Friday, 5 October 2012

An investment opportunity for discerning blog readers ...

On Saturday 20th October, a Race Night, organised by the local living leg-end that is Ian Beech, is being held in the Cannon Park social club, Leverton Road, Retford, Notts, DN22 6QF, to raise funds for Retford United FC.
Among the 8 races (plus an auction race) that are being held over the course of the night, will be one named after me: THE66POW Handicap (hang fire with your juvenile sniggering). I've sponsored the race, but I'm still looking for a few people to sponsor some of the remaining horses (at £5 a time) and jockeys (at £2 a time).
So contact me, ASAP, if you want to get involved with the sponsorship, or I'll send the lads round to smash your knees to a pulp.
Err, sorry, I meant to say ... and I would be eternally grateful. Plus the winning horse owner in THE66POW Handicap will win a bottle of spirits and the first placed jockey will get a bottle of quality wine.
And this isn't just any old cheap plonk, in fact it was the best the guys had in the back of the white van that pulled into the Ollerton Roundabout truck drivers lay-by at 2.13am this morning, before they hastily offloaded their cargo and sped off into the night.
At this juncture I want it putting on record, that I wasn't in that vicinity at such an unearthly hour, because of the 'adult activity', dogging and prostitution that goes on by the A614 most nights of the week, I'd merely pulled over to use my phone.
But I digress.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post, now get your bleedin' cash out!