Thursday, 31 May 2012

2011/12 Good-Bye to All That

Putting the goals away for the summer ... albeit just for a few week

The time has finally arrived, to draw a line underneath the 2011/12 season.
And, although I will be attending some international football (and other games) in the near future and posting details on THE66POW as and when; I feel that the last day of May, is more than late enough, for any football season to be considered closed for business.
Unfortunately, commitments elsewhere, meant that I couldn't get to my final planned game of the season tonight, where Easington United reserves beat Withernsea 5-4 after extra time, in the South Holderness Cup Final, at Low Farm, in front of a crowd of 180.
Congratulations to Easington.
It sounds as if I missed a thrilling local derby.
As for THE66POW itself, well, there will be some sporadic activity on here, over the next few weeks or so, during the 'closed' season.
Whilst regular posting, of one kind or another (with the proviso that I remember one important thing ... and that is, maintaining a blog is only as time consuming as the person inputting it's content allows it to be), will recommence during the 2012-13 pre season friendlies.
The first of those games are (provisionally) pencilled into my (hypothetical) diary already.
Incidentally, anybody who wants to read some kind of opinion about the current ongoing 'alleged' unrest at Mansfield Town, or a word or two on the subject of the newly formed AFC Mansfield (who will be competing in the Central Midlands League next season and playing at Forest Town), will have to look elsewhere.
Because, I'm keeping schtum until the dust settles and the full facts emerge.
Hold your fire and keep your powder dry.
There's plenty of knee jerk reaction, allegations and sabre rattling going on elsewhere at the moment.
Go seek it out and try to unravel the facts from the hyperbole for yourselves, if you really must.
This isn't the right time (or place) to comment on any of the gossip, or get embroiled in the tantrums, posturing and finger pointing, so I won't.

So, unless you're one of the crew joining me at Fibbers in York on Saturday night (June 2nd), for the Cravats, Punishment of Luxury and Petrol Bastard triple bill (via the England v Belgium game, live on TV in the Terrace public house), or coming along to the Rugby League games I'm attending in the near future, then I'll bid thee ciao, farewell and toodle pip for the time being.
Hasta la vista!
I'll be back.