Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Grimsby Town 0 v Mansfield Town 0 - BSBP

She swore that she'd follow me to the end of the world.
Time to see if it's true then ;-)
I couldn't actually find Armageddon in my AA map book, but I know somewhere quite similar, out east at the end A46 route to Cleethorpes.
So we arrived on the edge of the Humber Estuary, on a cold December, midweek night, to take in a goalless draw at Blundell Park, between two ex Football League clubs.
And after thawing out on the way home, somewhere near the dual carriageway at Gringley, she turned to me, looked me straight in the eye ... and with all the sincerity she could muster, said three heartfelt little words to me ... "That was crap!"
As of yet, she hasn't expanded on what aspect of the night met with her disapproval.
In fact, she hasn't spoken to me at all again since then.Not even when I got the car airborne over the hump back bridge at Hayton and asked if she still got travel sickness sometimes.
I'm sure this settee will actually prove to be quite comfortable once I get used to it ... and I know she cares really, or she wouldn't have thrown this blanket at me before slamming the door and flouncing off upstairs to that luxury, warm as toast, king sized bed.
Oh well, at least her hideous snoring won't keep me awake tonight
You just wait and see what treat I've got planned for you tomorrow young lady!
Hmm, I wonder if it's too late to send her a text message asking if there's any chance of a bit of supper at this late hour?
Tuesday 6th December 2011, at Blundell Park
Grimsby Town 0
Mansfield Town 0
Admission £16 (booked in advance on-line, £18 otherwise) in the Findus Stand upper tier,
Programme £3, Attendance 2553 inc. 140 in away end and a few Stags fans up in the 'posh' seats
Grimsby Town
13 McKeown, 22 Townsend, 26 I'Anson, 28 Antwi, 8 Disley,
19 Wood, 23 Panther (21 Thanoj 77 mins), 25 McCartney,
7 Coulson, 10 Hearn, 39 Elding (12 Duffy 82 mins)
Unused Subs - 2 Silk, 15 Pearson, 11 Artus
Mansfield Town
1 Marriott, 5 Thompson, 17 Sutton, 30 Freeman, 31 Dempster,
8 Stevenson (7 Briscoe 72 mins), 11 Murray, 14 Bolland,
10 Green, 15 Dyer, 24 Meikle
Unused Subs - 23 Redmond, 16 O'Neill, 33 Kelly, 32 Rodney
The post match analysis shows that Grimsby Town and Mansfield Town had 13 attempts each on goal tonight and that half that total were on target (and as a consequence another 50% weren't).
But this wasn't the display of end to end goalmouth action such a statistic suggests, because a lot of those efforts didn't trouble either keeper very much at all.
It was a night of misplaced passes and badly executed moves, that for the best part (or worse part if you must) saw both teams bogged down in a bit of a stalemate, as they cancelled each other out.
I suppose you could dress it up and say that Mansfield have now gone 5 games unbeaten, or point to the worrying fact that they've dropped 8 of the last 15 available points, depending on whether you're an eternal optimist or a doom merchant.
The fact is, this was Grimsby's 9th consecutive game since their last defeat, they're an in form team, they put 7 past Stockport County last week ... and in real terms an away draw at Blundell Park at the moment is actually a good result, regardless of how scrappy and uninspiring it looked from the stands at times.
Whenever I visit Grimsby Town, I always use the upper tier seats, tonight was the first time I had ever encountered any problems.
I have made a note of my seat number and will make sure I'm sat somewhere else in future.
Tonight, the guy who plonked his arse down next to me just before kick off was only small, but bloody hell ... he needed the turning circle of one of the steady stream of car transporter vessels we watched heading out to sea during the frequent lulls in play, just to get something out of his pocket ... he had a lot of pockets.
He was all arms and legs.
Once upon a time, at a match in Northumberland, I ended up at next to an octopus wearing 4 pairs of boxing gloves, who had an epileptic seizure ... and that beasty didn't take up half as much space as this damn pest.
Despite a few subtle hints and a few blatant retaliatory strikes, I was a beaten man and if I stayed were I was I was going to end up black and blue ... I gave up, we moved!
For the record, octopuses, or octopi/octopodes if we are being plurally correct, don't actually suffer from epilepsy.
And it was more likely to be a squid I was actually sat next to anyway.
I was merely using the said sea creature for illustrative purposes ... or exaggerating again.The nearest either team came to breaking the deadlock was in the second half.
Michael Coulson, with a clear run at goal, had his shot well saved by the Stags keeper Alan Marriott.
Rob Duffy, who isn't ever so popular amongst the Mansfield faithful (he wasn't when he used to play for them either) should have scored late on, but his effort hit Marriott's outstretched leg and cleared the bar instead ... Duffy missing a sitter with the goalkeeper laying on the ground ... who'd have thought!?
And Louis Briscoe, fired over the bar then had another shot blocked well by James McKeown right at the death.
The fact that both Duffy and Briscoe were only introduced as late substitutes, speaks volumes about me fast forwarding past the earlier goal scoring chances.
Two unbeaten records intact, a point apiece when both teams could really have used three to help kick-start their respective seasons.
I was at the game when these two sides met at Blundell Park last season, on New Years Day, there were 9 goals that day ... the mighty Stags weighed in with 2 of them.
It was a slightly more open game than I witnessed tonight.Hmm, I wonder if she'll be talking again in time for me to secure some breakfast in the morning before I go to work.
Ah, she's a women, they can't keep quiet for very long.
Think I'll have bacon and eggs.

Next up - weather permitting, Wednesday night, Harworth Colliery Institute U19 v Pinxton U19.
Note, the U19 games at Hallam, Sheffield and Teversal are all OFF