Friday, 2 December 2011

Reminder ... BEECHY'S POP QUIZ

At Retford United
Cannon Park,
Leverton Road,
DN22 6QF

Friday 2nd December 2011
A fun night and fund-raiser for Retford United FC, hosted by local celebrity DJ-ing leg-end Ian Beech.
Management and players from the club will be competing at this event, but they won't be finishing in last place, because a team from this self indulgent, bullshit blog will be taking part too.
Your attendance will guarantee a marked improvement in your sex life and social standing, but if you don't show up, people will point at you in the street, laugh at you and mock you for being a socially inadequate tight arsed, miserable scrote.
Entry £10 per team of four.
Any cash prize won by THE66POW team, Kings Park Rangers, will go unclaimed and be given back towards the total proceeds raised from the night, which are ALL going to the football club.
The idyllic Kings Park in Retford, home to KPR