Sunday, 10 July 2011

Coming soon ...

Coming soon to this blog (if you can believe a word I tell you) ...
Monday 11th July - Teversal v Staveley MW - Teversal Tournament semi final
Tuesday 12th July - Nuneaton Town v Mansfield Town PSF, or Frickley Athletic v Scarborough Athletic, or Worksop Town v Sheffield United at the Windsor Food Services Stadium (Sandy Lane) the Tigers first game back in Worksop, as tenants of Worksop Parramore, since they were forced into exile and out of town.
Wednesday 13th July - Belper Town v Parkgate - Teversal Tournament semi final or Staveley MW v Hallam PSF
Thursday 14th July - Sheffield v Huddersfield Town or Maltby Main v Pinxton - Teversal Tournament
Friday 15th July - Mansfield Town v Notts County PSF
Saturday 16th July - Hall Road Rangers v Frickley Athletic - PSF
Or a load of different games to these altogether and I'm just throwing my stalker a few red herrings.
Last weeks planned outings list was somewhat curtailed by:
1) a fixture that didn't actually exist
2) my work ethic ... Yes! You read that correctly... me working! ... causing me to get too involved with a major project I'm undergoing with my good lady at present (decided it was probably not in everybody's best interest to invite my bad one along)
& 3) Open day at Bedfordshire University on Saturday. Highly impressive facility my son is leaving home for soon, but I'm not enamoured with them scheduling a open day for a Saturday afternoon. Particularly a Saturday afternoon when neither Bedford Town or Luton Town had a home game.
I'll never reach my target of 50 games during the 2011-12 season at this rate.