Thursday, 12 May 2011


Hmm, so this Blogger facility has been/is playing up (again), losing data (again), not letting people log in to update their blogs or salvage material (again) and all the other all too common nonsense ... it's becoming a bit of a ball ache TBH.
I've got some updates and archive stuff (recovered from the last blip) to move across from my old hard drive, but I will wait and see if the gremlins have sorted themselves out properly for a few days before I bother.
The picture is from tonight's Staveley MW v Teversal, North Midlands U19 League Mini Shield Final, Staveley won 3-1, more details when all this Blogger mullarky is sorted, once and for all this time, hopefully.

I'm vanishing for a few days now anyway.
So I need some sleep up front.
A long weekend away in good company.
Which rules most of you horrible lot out, doesn't it!?