Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Church Warsop S&C 1 v Kirkby Town 2 - CMFL Supreme Division

The Kirkby defence watch Craig Cantrell's free kick fly narrowly wide

Wednesday 11th May 2011, at the Alley, Church Warsop
Central Midlands League Supreme Division

Church Warsop S&C (0) 1
Craig Cantrell 65 pen
Kirkby Town (0) 2
Mark Carter 51, Sam Holmes 85

Admission £3, no programme produced, Attendance 31 ish
The CMFL. A parallel universe where you can get an opponent in a
headlock, wrestle him to to floor and lay on top of your victim in front
of the linesman, without even conceding a free kick

There must've been a very busy and extremely fertile milkman in the Mansfield area a couple of decades ago.
Because there were some players out on the pitch for Church Warsop tonight who were very similar in appearance to guys I could've sworn I've seen playing for other clubs in the area.
In fact, one of Teversal's team must have an identical twin because he was a ringer for one of the home side ... so to speak (allegedly).

Thanks to Brian Dennett for the phone call last night, confirming that this game was on, after rumours had been circulating that CWS&CFC were unable to field a team for their last ever midweek fixture.
In the event, they had managed to raise quite a strong line up ... from somewhere.

MORE TO FOLLOW IN DUE COURSE ... no, honestly!