Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Les Miserables - Queens Theatre, Sheftesbury Avenue, W1

Admission £42.50, Programme £3, Attendance three quarters full (which gave me the opportunity to move away from someone who was getting on my nerves).

A once in a lifetime experience ... well, I bloody well hope so anyway!!!

Bumped into a mob of around 80 handy lads from Merseyside last night, no sweat!
The mile-o-meter on my body clock's been around a few times by now and I take these things in my stride these days.
But the West End of London packed with theatre luvvies, with their flamboyant outpourings and over the top excitement ... well,to put it bluntly, that's fucking scary!!!
Give me Cold Blow Lane instead of Shaftesbury Avenue any day of the week daaaarlings!!!