Friday, 23 July 2010

ON THE ROAD 2010-11

The following is reposted from Malc Storer's excellent On The Road 2010-11 blog

Last season we decided to sponsor our good friend Rob Waite as he hopped the length and breadth of the UK - the proceeds going towards Worksop Town U19’s. The idea was that if Rob completed 75 games we would hand over £0.25 per game.
We ended up donating £20.00, not a lot I suppose, but better than nothing! Rob is a good friend and his “the 66pow” blog is among the best reads in the world of hopping blogs. Gives me that “I’ll get me coat” feeling when I read his work !!
This season I thought we could maybe do something for a good cause outside of the beautiful game and the search began for a local charity that we could support, albeit in our own small way.
I noticed that another football friend, Rob Hornby, was interested in a charity in Mansfield that is a “One Stop Resource For Disabled Children, Young People, Their Carers and Families”

Registered Charity no. 1102516

APTCOO “A Place To Call Our Own” Ltd, is a registered charity that was started by a group of carers in 1991. They offer a safe accessible place in the community for children and young people with a disability or additional need, their carers and families.
I read the APTCOO newsletters and paid visits to their website and after talking it through with Kev we decide to ask Rob to contact the charity on our behalf to see if they would be interested in what we are planning. The very positive response made the decision to support this charity a very easy one.
We are both ordinary working men, and our pockets are not bottomless – but we have decided to donate £0.15 each to APTCOO for every goal we notch up on our travels. £0.15 may not seem a lot of money, but last season we saw 393 goals at an average of 3.6 goals per game, that equates to £58.95 each over the season. Already this season we have a 23 goal tally in just 5 games!

Additionally, and to show good faith and also help dispel any thoughts of our searching out potential goal-less games, for each game that ends with a 0-0 scoreline, we will donate £0.50 each.
Last season we saw only nine goal-less games and five of those were at Field Mill. We have no plans to visit the Mill this season, except on the odd occasion that Glapwell are playing there, so hopefully we can top the 400 goal mark.

Whatever happens, I hope we can get somewhere the £120.00 mark ( 400 goals) - anything over this would be a real bonus.....