Friday, 2 July 2010

Fabio stays

The right and only logical decision.
Now get cracking that whip Mr Capello.
Time is of the essence.
If certain individuals don't want to bust a gut for their country (and their manager) and are clearly only concerned about their own wealth and self importance, then they are not team players, or even squad players.
Cut them free.
It is time for a ruthless and unsentimental cull ... and no ego or self serving individual whatsoever is bigger than the team, or so vital to the cause that they can't be replaced.

England have the nucleus of a good (if nowhere near brilliant) squad and the foundations are there to build towards the future now.
But people shouldn't expect quick fix miracles ... any bright tomorrow is evidently a long way away yet.
Some harsh lessons will have been learned in South Africa, the harshest of all being just how unreliable certain players were once the team picked itself due to injuries and a lack of cover. Several of them knew they were automatic picks, certain of inclusion in the starting line up due to the circumstances surrounding the England camp and obviously didn't feel the need to justify their place in the side, or to do anything other than go through the motions and put in the bare minimum of effort.
Nice work if you can get it.
I'm confident Fabio Capello will know which players to drop immediately, which ones to give a 'shape up or shift out' ultimatum to and which fringe players to bring in to the squad with an eye on the future.
There is loads more one could say about this ... but actions speak louder than words.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
A cynic might say, the English FA did a U-turn by not waiting the two weeks they said they were going to take before making a decision about Fabio's future, because Liverpool beat them to the punch by installing the only English manager with the right credentials for the national team job in the Anfield hot seat before he could be approached as a possible replacement for Capello.
But whether that theory holds water or not, I strongly believe the right man is still at the helm and I'm glad he has the opportunity to finish the job off properly.
There is no glossing over England's pitiful showing in South Africa, or the shortcomings in our national game that were exposed during that humiliation against Germany in Bloemfontein and no time like the present for everyone involved to stand up and be counted ... or discounted!
Some have already abdicated the right to another opportunity in my eyes.
I'm sure Fabio Capello won't be giving some of them another chance to prove they are as good as they think they are either.
Football is a simple game, a beautiful game, but most importantly A TEAM GAME.

Onwards and upwards ... or at least here's to Fabio halting the downward spiral and getting back to basics ... Forza Inghilterra!!!