Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What you see is what you get ...

Who said being an England fan needs to be all doom and gloom this summer?
Just look at these very stylish pint glasses you can now purchase for just 68p each in Morrisons.
A little over a week ago I saw these very same drinking vessels retailing for over £4 apiece at a sportswear emporium in the upmarket shopping quarter of Shirebrook.
And it's not just England supporters of a beer drinking age who can take advantage of some bargain hunting.
Even these fine upstanding three lions who were very recently modelling for THE66POW title masthead have their price. So for the younger fans, or that cute as hell but worryingly immature lady in your life who insists on adorning the parcel shelf in her car with cuddly toys, here's a not to be missed cut price gift idea.

Who needs Martin Lewis when you've got me!?
And don't forget to visit my Ebay store in four years time, when you've all decided that you are English again.
I've just bought up a stock of ten really big flags for less than half of the price that one single unit was on sale for last Saturday afternoon.
Speculate to accumulate earthlings, you know masses will return, I know they am, I'm sure they am n' all that.

The public gets what the public wants.
La, la, la, la.
La, la, la, la.