Sunday, 27 June 2010

U. N. H. A. P. P. Y.

No excuses.
No long winded self indulgent bullshit.
Germany pulled England all over the place today and ruthlessly exploited the gaps they created.
The best team won and the other team got their just desserts too.

What are we to make of Lampard's disallowed 'goal'?
Blatant incompetence from the match officials, but much as it was completely and unacceptably wrong for such an error to occur in a World Cup final tournament, a two each scoreline at half time would have been very flattering to England.
Would it have made any difference to the eventual outcome of the game?
Nah, don't be daft.
Well done Germany, they had a game plan and played it spot on.
It would be churlish to blame the result on a mistake by the linesman and referee. After all the England team, on and off the pitch, have made plenty of those these last couple of weeks.

After the Algeria debacle I said England couldn't be that bad again, it would seem they really, really could though.
Hmm, I just scrolled back through my inane ramblings and what I actually said was:
The cup half full optimist in me draws a minuscule amount of cold comfort from the fact that England can't possibly play as lacklustre as that again on Wednesday.
But the been there, done that, got several of the shirts (and mugs) realist in me, knows they bloody well can.
Oh shit, I saw it coming and still got my hopes up and gave a set of under performing footballers the benefit of the doubt.
I keep hearing about how these 'stars' are doing it week in and week out in the Premier League but not on the international stage and people seem to be at a loss to explain how this happens ... well, being ever so slightly non patriotic but realistic at the same time, might I suggest the reason for that is because they all have non English world class team mates playing alongside them during club games, but a lot of very average and mediocre ones around them once they're playing for their country.
If Fabio Capello can't provide the answers, I fail to see who else can.
He (or any successor) can only piss with the cock he's got after all.
And it doesn't help his cause when the better players in the side simply didn't perform with any heart or conviction when it mattered.

I had no illusions about England winning this tournament or even getting very far beyond the group stages, but it was still a miserable experience watching the international team I support having their limitations exposed and getting spanked in front of a world wide audience.

Right now, who's got the bottle opener?