Tuesday, 15 June 2010

South Africa 2010 - A blow by blow account

For when your A.B.E. one is in the wash
Each TO their own.
Many people are indulging in World Cup inspired prediction leagues and sweepstakes, or having a flutter on games at the bookies.
Even lazy old me managed to get my entries in before the closing deadline for one prediction league.
But a loved up couple I know are gambling with slightly higher stakes.
Love really does have the world in motion it would seem.
For each and every game that takes place in South Africa this summer, they are choosing a team apiece ... in the event of a draw neither of them win anything, but if the young lady picks the winning team she gets a back rub from her partner.
She insists he's very skilled at performing massage techniques "He has incredible hands, his back rubs are awesome".
Injury crisis hits the Gingerbread Men training camp.
If however his team wins, she says he'll get a blow job for each and every victory, which by all accounts are pretty damn good too.
It isn't too difficult to imagine that she has a vast amount of experience and expertise in this field as it happens.
However one thing she isn't very good at is predicting the outcome of football matches and to date she has had only two back rubs to collect.
Being the true gentleman he is, her partner is letting her go first when it comes to choosing which team she wants every single game.
Though he did step in and insist on giving her Germany against Australia shortly before that game kicked off, owing to him needing a rest and a bit more recovery time.
Obviously this humble blogger is far too discreet to name either participant taking part in this 'Summer of Love' marathon, but I can exclusively reveal that the game female made her selections for the next two days earlier today and they include North Korea to beat Brazil and Switzerland to beat Spain.

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Coming soon ...
A detailed list of all supermarket World Cup themed items that aren't actually completely rubbish (it's a very short list) and where you'll be able to buy them from at heavily discounted prices once it's all over.
Never mind the money saving expert, here's the real lowdown.

Brazil beat North Korea and Switzerland beat Spain, well I'll be blowed ... well, not me personally you understand.
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