Monday, 28 June 2010

Exclusive sensational news. England are not world football champions.

Hmm, not everybody has indignantly torn their flags down yet then.
Spital Hill, Retford, 28th June 2010

There is no such thing as a meaningless or useless England fixture, however Radio 5 Live's Alan Green has spoken:
"I'm particularly angry because the majority of the players who appeared let the country down.
"I feel particularly sorry for the thousands who made this trip at vast expense to watch that drivel.
"But my fear is that when they return to club training at their privileged clubs where they're treated like kings, it'll just be a vague memory.
"Unless the English public reminds them of it by not going to this useless fixture against Hungary in August."

Well Alan Green, some of us had already booked our tickets for the August 11th game at Wembley long before the World Cup even kicked off and unlike you and your ilk, we didn't stoke up all the OTT expectations and unrealistic aspirations that a hell of a lot of misguided people have bought into.
And we're not making a decent living out of the 'build 'em up, knock 'em down' career path that you chose to take.
We're going to the Hungary match.
Will you be at Wembley Mr Green?
Of course you will ... and you'll getting paid quite well for the privilege of being there too.
Angry my arse, people like you revel in putting the boot in on the national team ... always have, always will.
Maybe people should boycott Alan Green every time he spouts nonsense on the radio and TV, he wouldn't have much of an audience left by now given his track record.

Details of departure times for the North Notts England Fans coach to Wembley on August 11th will appear on this blog in due course.
'Tip me up and pour me out'

The English FA are apparently waiting two weeks before making a decision on whether Fabio Capello should stay on as the manager of the England team or not.
Are they looking for a legal loop hole to get out of the contract they gave Mr Capello shortly before this summer's World Cup kicked off?
Can they realistically even contemplate being able to afford to pay him off?
Do they have a manager of similar experience and calibre waiting in the wings?
Do they think that a fortnight is sufficient time for the post World Cup campaign hysterical aftermath to have calmed down, so they can avoid having to make a knee-jerk action in response to all of the hype?

The nation awaits a sensible, forthright, well founded and well rounded decision ... and I'm completely underwhelmed with anticipation.
'Put David Beckham in charge, at least he's English', I hear you shouting from the back.
Hold on a second while I put my fingers in my ears ... Come again!
Pre match build up Sunday 27th June 2010

England were awful in the World Cup and just because they weren't the only seeded team to misfire in the group stages, that didn't ease the agony of having to watch such dire performances in two and a half of the four games they played in, or least-ways got the kit on and roamed about aimlessly on the field of play during anyway.
We were never likely to be anything other than a bit part supporting cast to the real major players of the global game, but hell fire, a little bit of passion, commitment and desire wouldn't have gone amiss.
Being outclassed is one thing, an apparent lack of professional pride and responsibility taking is another matter altogether.
A lot of those who under performed in this tournament are heading towards the end of their international careers.
August 11th is the right time to take stock, regroup and start from scratch all over again ASAP ... with or without Alan fucking Green and his latest call to arms aimed at 'the English public'.
Of course, Alan Green isn't responsible for the lack of heart certain players showed in the World Cup, or the fact that the gullible masses fall hook, line and sinker for the kind of hyperbole he and certain other pundits send people into slack jawed drooling anticipation over each and every time England qualify for a World Cup ... and the team should not be exempt from criticism.
But boycotting an England game at Wembley!?
What kind of hysterical silly talk is that?
No wonder people are switching Alan Green off in droves.
Mind you, he's not the only culprit.
Even before they reached the final stages of the 2010 World Cup, England were way, way beneath the standard required to win a major tournament for a long, long time to come (if indeed, ever again), regardless of what some people will never tire of telling you ...
"We'll have to win the next one instead"

Fabio Capello knew his team's limitations on the big stage prior to the tournament, which is why he tried enticing the likes of Paul Scholes out of international retirement as a last ditch remedy to cover the lack of quality available to him.
He also had to work around having key players injured for the tournament (though he did have a whole squad to utilise), some were missing, others kept playing with knocks (and below par) ... and one or two of the team openly expressed insolence because they are so feckin' arrogant they think they are bigger and more important than the team/squad/country as a whole and their only responsibility is to themselves.
Yes, I do mean John Terry in particular (though he's not alone) just in case you were wondering.
And in spite of some of them obviously not being anywhere near world class or having the ability to outwit opposition from the United States and Algeria (no disrespect meant to either team, they are our equals after all), that didn't diminish the ego trip status of a few half decent (but nothing more) footballers representing their country, our country, who evidently have a grossly exaggerated sense of self worth.
'We should be beating teams like the USA and Algeria' I hear you calling from the back again. FFS, the reality of it is, we are a team like the USA and Algeria, exactly like them.

I was nonplussed when John Terry openly called for a team mate to be dropped.
That must've worked wonders for team morale.
In all honesty, does Terry think his own recent performances warrant him getting picked again any time soon?
Because I don't.
Everyone seems to be looking for someone to blame and I'm not especially blaming John Terry as it happens, but lets just face the facts ... when push came to shove, the England team simply isn't good enough to hold it's own against the better world football nations.
We're almost as bad as Scotland.
Well nearly almost.
At least a whole load of their fans are happy with that scenario ... and you thought England had a messed up national psyche!!!
Anyway, there is still loads of football left to look forward to in this World Cup and to be frank, it's a great relief to now be able to off load all the millions of so called England fans who only really pretend to give a toss about football whenever we reach the World Cup finals.
They've all moved on to find something else to vent their spleen and righteous (riotous?) indignation on now, save for the guy down the road who defaced his St. George's cross flag, but at least managed to spell Argentina correctly.
Good, piss off the lot of you, you won't be missed!
Is it safe to venture into town again yet?