Saturday, 20 March 2010

Worksop Town v Stocksbridge Park Steels - UniBond League Premier Division

The match officials hold an emergency meeting on the far touchline, to confirm what the ruling is in the UniBond League handbook about how to deal with the visiting physio bumming his goalkeeper on the pitch ... click to enlarge picture if you dare.

Saturday 20th March 2010, UniBond League Premier Division
at the New Manor Ground, Ilkeston

Worksop Town (0) 1 (Matt Austin 75)
Stocksbridge Park Steels (0) 2 (Bret Lovell 49, Adam Clayton 69)

Admission, Season Ticket. Programme £2. Attendance 166
Today started off in a SUPER, SMASHING, GREAT, LOVELY, FTH kind of way, courtesy of being able to watch the televised Edinburgh derby before my lift arrived (cheers Paul) to the New Manor Ground.
The narrow margin of Hearts victory over Hibs didn't reflect the obvious gulf in class between the sides today, but don't just take my word for it.
Read it n' weep Rat Boy!!!
And here is another neutral overview of the game posted by Jamie, who writes the excellent Fitba Daft blog, that he posted on the Tony Kempster forum:
Hearts 2 Hibernian 1 (2-0)
Tynecastle Stadium
Admission £16 (student)
Programme £3
Steak Pie £1.80
Crowd - sell out 17126
An Edinburgh double and I took the car so I could make it from game 1 to 2 in time. Hearts, despite numerous injuries going into and two more during the game, battered Hibs for much of this one. They went two up midway through the first half and only wastefulness and some good saves from Stack in goal stopped them from running riot and releasing a DVD of the game! Riordan pulled one back for Hibs which threatened to spark a comeback but the Jambos held on.
Harry Potter and that scary looking dude out of the X Men had
taken over the New Manor Ground press facilities this afternoon

Hearts are having an indifferent season, at best, whereas their nearest and dearest are apparently flying high (it must be true, read the message board for clarification, ha, ha, ha).
However green, always was and always will be, the colour of envy.
And I confidently predict, that just as soon as Worksop Town ditch that horrible away kit, of green shirts with white sleeves (colours traditionally associated with under achievement and miserable failure), then their results on the road will improve ten fold overnight.
But, before I get accused of gloating over the inevitable outcome of the game at Tynecastle, or of dwelling too long on narrating the sad tale of Hibs being a footballing metaphor for premature ejaculation who have merely taken slightly longer than usual to shoot their load this season, I will move on to this afternoons UniBond Premier game.
The Tigers powered into a two goal lead against their pond life neighbours from the east of Edinburgh by virtue of goals from England Under 21 winger Andy Driver and their young striker Gary Glen within the first 27 minutes ... and despite having to make two enforced first half substitutions, were well on top in a game that Yogi Hughes' bottlers never looked likely to get anything out of.
Whoops! Err ... wrong game, fast forward to 3PM

Ben Tomlinson pulled up with an hamstring problem after 24 minutes

Somebody using the curious alias of Rob Waite posted the following on the Worksop Town fans forum Tiger Talk when he got home from the game at the New Manor Ground this evening:

Very boggy pitch with puddles of water stood in places, prior to the game the referee had said he was just one more serious downpour away from calling the game off.
The surface wasn't really suited to the pass and move tactics the new players at Worksop have been adopting of late, but SPS with their battling approach dealt better with the conditions.

Ben Tomlinson had to go off with what looked like an hamstring pull on 24 minutes. Ben Scott the SPS goalie seemed to shout out "Woo hoo!" in celebration of Ben's misfortune. Ben had pulled up with the injury with no other player near him, so why the keeper had to get involved and shoot his mouth off was a mystery.
On 33 mins Jon Kennedy pulled off a sublime save down by his right hand post, from the resultant corner Bret Lovell smashed an header against the bar ... that was the closest either side came to breaking the first half deadlock.

SPS opened the scoring when a corner was cleared to the edge of the box, but Alex Callery (who else!?) hoisted the ball back into the area for Bret Lovell to head home on 49 minutes.
The corner should actually have been a goal kick, the Stocksbridge match assessor I was sat behind said as much too.
Steels went 2-0 ahead on 69 minutes when Adam Clayton headed home unmarked from an Alex Callery (who else!?) corner.
Matt Austin fired home a goal inside the box for the Tigers on 75 minutes, but it just wasn't going to be Worksop's afternoon and Stocksbridge's hard graft just about warranted the 3 points for the visitors.


For those of you who don't know, Alex Callery (who else!?), joined Stocksbridge Park Steels from Worksop Town, he had a very good game. Not as good as David Obua did for Hearts a dinner time, but he was very effective never the less.
The players paddle back out for the second half

In response to RW's misery guts post, somebody else (cheers Paul) using the pseudonym Finchley Tiger had replied:

Yes in the build up to the first goal it was clearly a goal kick not a corner from which they scored.
However, I also thought Matt Austin should have been sent off for his foul on Darren Schofield and should not have been on the pitch to get his goal.
Overall I thought Stocksbridge just about deserved the three points today.
As Rob said the "heavy pitch" did not suit our style of play from recent matches.

Hmm, now quite possibly the wet pitch had made the impact of Matt Austin's challenge heavier than he had actually intended, but I did sit their wondering what colour card the referee was going to show for the foul.
Alex Callery delivers a corner, while Adam Clayton ominously appears from
the top right hand corner of the pitch. Guess what happened next?

At half time, there were two cash prizes won in the 50/50 draw, the winning numbers were 3178 and 3180, the reason I know this is because the ticket I'd bought was ...
Oh well, at least the proceeds are going to a good cause.

Right at the end of the game as Worksop pushed for an equaliser while Stocksbridge held firm, one one the floodlights threatened to topple over, so all the players gathered around to help keep it upright while somebody sent for the floodlight repair guy, or there may have been a 21 man argument about a goalmouth incident ... the camera never lies!