Sunday, 21 February 2010

Next up

If the weather allows it this week, I'm planning on going to Matlock Town v. Worksop Town on Tuesday night for a UniBond League Premier Division fixture, I've got a (long) short list of alternatives drawn up just in case though.
But I'll be too busy with work commitments all week to make any other other games before next Saturday. Even then I'll be restricted to visiting a 'local' village type destination for my football fix on the 27th, because I have to be at my employers beck and call by 6pm for a 12 hour overnight shift.
The NCEL or CMFL appear to have a plethora of options available that fit my criteria.
It will be a spur of the moment selection though.
Today, my main (AKA only) live sporting event, apart from taking in the second half commentary from Tynecastle on BBC Radio Scotland - which doesn't really count - will be a snowball fight between myself and a six year old with a deadly aim.
None of the games on TV today appeal to me whatsoever and as for the Winter Olympics ... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Gulp! I'm done for now!

I'll leave you with this wondrous tune from a sleek, elegant, popular, talented, innovative and influential performer, who some of you would do well to aspire to being half as great as ...