Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Wednesday 10th February 2010
Retford United v Blidworth Welfare
North Midlands Under 19's League

I wasn't really up to moving very far tonight, but when my mate offered to pick me up to go to Cannon Park for an Under 19's game, I figured 'why not?'
I'm sure the people who are stuck with me for company in the house while I convalesce would be glad of a break from my moaning and groaning for a while.
So I got myself wrapped up in my Berghaus finery, like I was off on some polar expedition and checked the Football Mitoo website, which didn't mention anything about the game being off.

Alas, when my mate arrived at 7.30PM (promptly) I looked up the road towards Little Gringley, as my front lawn scrunched beneath my feet, and realised two things:
1) The garden was frozen solid
2) The floodlights at Cannon Park weren't on.

So that is as far as I went.

Of course, this not being Fernieside Recreation Ground, I didn't get dog mess all over my shoes this time, but I sadly massacred a few stray snails who were out on my front path hidden in the shadows.
What the bloody hell were they doing out on a night like this anyway?

Tsk! Another blank midweek for me then :-(

Mitoo did eventually say the game was postponed, I hope nobody travelled over from Blidworth