Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Tynecastle FC v The Spartans FC
East of Scotland Under 19's League, GAME OFF

So it's 1PM and I'm walking along beside the A7 Dalkeith Road, bashing my heel into the grass verge and making no impression on it whatsoever.
"Look, it's solid, there is no way they'll be playing on this"
Even though the sun is up in the sky, it still said minus 4 on the car's temperature gauge when we set off from The Anvil (a very respectable Bonnyrigg drinking establishment) ten minutes ago.
However, the East of Scotland League and both clubs websites didn't say anything about the game being off ... 1.30PM kick off, is what they all claimed.
And nobody was answering the mobile phone contact number we had been given, so just maybe they were too busy making preparations for the match. Aye right!
All over the UK this scenario will have been repeated several hundred times over the weekend. Is it really that much off a bind to update a website with just two words 'MATCH POSTPONED' or to answer a freakin' telephone?
A little bit of good will goes a long way.
Inevitably really, there was "no way they'll be playing on this", the pitch was frozen solid.
Although the groundsman had been down and freshly marked out the pitch quite recently (obviously nobody had told him either), there were quite a few important things missing that suggested to us that there would be no football match taking place here this lunch time ... the goals, the corner flags and the portable 'dug outs' for starters.
Oh, and there weren't any footballers around either.
Oh well, when in Rome.
A bit of a run about on the pitch was in order, though to be truthful it was more of a walk briskly about.
Of course, this being Fernieside Recreation Ground, I ended up with a big sticky heap of dog toffee on my bestest shoes ... that bloody stuff never freezes solid, does it?
People who take their dogs to 'exercise' on football pitches should be shot on sight, in my humble opinion, three times at least.

So here is a song dedicated to the reason I'll only get to two games during my 'extended long weekend' (5 day) stopover in the Midlothian area, instead of the three I had planned ... Ice!
Be really nice to me you lot, or I will post the latest version of this song that's just been released too ... you have been warned.

And see if I care when you've got this catchy but very irritating tune stuck in your head all day long now :-P