Friday, 2 November 2012

Teenage slaves for sale

The following text was cut and pasted across from the members only Harworth Colliery Institute Under 19's Facebook page, after being posted a short while ago. 
Hopefully once a few more people have seen it over the weekend, we'll start to get the kind of response we're hoping for. Because match officials, training facilities, diesel costs and a whole load of other expenses associated with keeping a football team ticking over, don't come cheaply.
Listen up.
Attention all Under 19's players.
We are looking to raise some funds to help with the not inconsiderable amount of money it takes to cover the running costs of an Under 19's football team.
Other teams all have local companies, parents, relatives, ex managers (ahem), friends, girlfriends, boyfriends even (we're not judgemental) sponsoring their players for the duration of the season and after a discussion with the Harworth chairman, we've decided to ask if any of you knows anybody who might be willing to sponsor you for the duration of this season for the bargain price of just £10 per player.

All sponsors will be listed in the Harworth Colliery U19's match programme and on the club website, Facebook etc. so this is great opportunity for some cheap advertising for local businesses.
Don't be shy!
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Players, add your name and the name of the person willing to sponsor you to this thread and we'll sort it from there.
I already have several sponsors lined up for anybody who isn't able to get one for themselves, but please ask around before I resort to using them and I'll stump up the cash for Glenn and Hasan myself, because I know nobody else will want to sponsor them ;-)
Glenn McPherson - Sponsor THE66POW
Hasan Hussein - Sponsor THE66POW
Any Player - Sponsor Dan Footitt
Any Player - Moor Street Stags, Mansfield

Updates will be added to Facebook group as and when
The following (begging) text, was added by me just now:
OK, is there anybody out there in THE66POW reader land, willing to part with the meagre sum of £10 to help out with the financial side of an Under 19's team at a community orientated football club?
It's a small price to pay for that nice warm inner glow you'll get from knowing you have made a difference to an ever improving team, with some of the most hard working and committed coaches, back room staff and committee members you could ever wish to meet ... and it's all done voluntarily out of a love for the game and a genuine desire to see Harworth Colliery Institute Under 19's succeed.

Some clubs stipulate that players must players must pay a signing on fee when they join, others collect regular subs, but we didn't want to go down that road. So hopefully, this sponsorship push and a fund raising event we have planned for in the new year, will raise sufficient monies to reach the target we are hopeful of achieving.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post and many thanks in anticipation if you are able to contribute in some way.
For further details refer to the Harworth Colliery Fc facebook group, click here: HCIFC FACEBOOK or contact me directly at